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... to arrive where we started ...

John Frandsen
Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen
Peter Bruun
Karsten Fundal
Jens Hørsving
Ivar Frounberg

... to arrive where we started ...

FIGURA Ensemble, Henrik Vagn Christensen

In their expressive and stylistic diversity, the six works on this CD excellently demonstrate what is happening among the younger generations of Danish composers. All the works were written for the Figura Ensemble, which with its quite unique chamber configuration of vocal soloist and instrumentalists has inspired the composers to write music with a particularly rich sonority and aura. Or, as one of the composers puts it, Each composer discovers or invents his own \Figura sound\\, which he later dwells on - explores and deepens.\\\\\

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Total runtime: 
67 min.
Release date: 
January 2000
Cat. No.: 
Jewel Case
Track count: 


Recorded at the Radio House, Studio 2 on 14 October 1997, 22 June, 14 and 21 December 1998 and 6 April 1999

Recording producer: Henrik Sleiborg
Sound engineer: Peter Bo Nielsen
Editing engineers: Peter Bo Nielsen and Henrik Sleiborg

Cover picture: Per Kirkeby: Komposition" (1964)

Recording kindly sponsored by Danish Composers' Society/KODA's Funds for Social and Cultural Purposes and KODA's Collective Blank Tape Remuneration

This CD has been made in cooperation with Danmarks Radio"