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Peter Bruun

Marianne Grøndahl

Peter Bruun’s background is in the ‘rhythmic’ genres. In 1989 he began studying composition with Niels Marthinsen, and at the same time studied philosophy at the university. In 1991-1997 he trained as a composer and music teacher at the Royal Academy of Music in Århus. His composition teachers there were Karl Aage Rasmussen and Per Nørgård. Peter Bruun has mainly composed vocal music and works for small ensembles. He also teaches music theory at the Academy in Århus.

In 2008 Peter Bruun recieved the Nordic Council Music Prize for the successful opera MIKI Alone written for Figura Ensemble. Beforehand Peter Bruun has received the National Arts Foundation three-year grant (1996) and Wilhelm Hansen Composer Prize (2000).

  • Peter Bruun

    Letters to the Ocean