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Terms and conditions

VAT taxation on download orders

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The music on this website is made available with permission by NCB and KODA.

Dacapo Music Store is an online music store where you can purchase and legally download music files and as well as purchase CDs and DVDs. The music files are DRM-free and available in several different formats: from MP3 (320 kbps) to FLAC in lossles CD Quality 16-bit and 24bit Studio Master Quality up to 192kHz.

Methods of payment
You can pay using Dankort, Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and JCB.

Right of return
We offer 14 day right of return on all purchases of CDs and DVDs insofar as the product is unused and in the original packaging with seal intact. Right of return is not offered on the purchase of sound files from our webshop.

Defective goods
Any defects or flaws in ordered goods must be reported to Dacapo Records as soon as possible.

Customer service and questions
Questions regarding the music store on should be directed to


Conditions for downloading music files from

Dacapo Music Store is an online store that offers access to a large selection of musical experiences. Music files can be purchased and legally downloaded from Dacapo Music Store. Music files are sold as individual tracks or entire albums.

Price information is provided with the information for each music file.

Internet access is necessary to access and purchase at the music store on Downloading of music files is best performed through broadband connection.

Music files can be downloaded to a computer (PC or Mac), after which they can be played on the computer itself, burned on a CD-ROM, transferred to a portable music player or to another computer in accordance with section 2 listed below, "Rights". Please note that there is a limit to the number of times a music file can be copied onto a CD-ROM or to other music players. These limits are described under "Rights".

Taxation of VAT
All prices are shown including Danish VAT (25%). However, download orders coming from customers within the EU are taxed with the customer's country specific VAT rate according to the EU taxation rules of digital goods. The order total to be paid will show in the shopping cart before checkout. Orders by Non-EU customers, including the rest of the world, include no VAT/TAX.

Downloading a music file gives you the right to

  1. play the music file on a PC
  2. burn 5 CD copies
  3. store 5 copies of the music file on portable music players

The music file is not permitted to be sold, loaned, or otherwise transferred to a third party.

All rights to the music store on and music files belong exclusively to Dacapo Records. No rights are obtained to the shop or website material, including the music files, apart from the right to use described in these conditions.

The music purchased from is copyright protected and use is limited to the conditions described here or copyright law, which are not subject to restriction by Dacapo. Music purchased from Dacapo Music Store is for personal use only, and music files cannot be traded, lent, borrowed, sold, copied, duplicated, distributed or otherwise transferred to people outside your household. Commercial usage, rental, sale or public performance of the music file is not permitted without the prior agreement of KODA (Danish non-profit rights society representing Danish and international composer/publisher rights). These regulations also apply to any personal copies of music files purchased from

Purchased music is permitted to be transferred to a portable music player belonging to you or those who live in your household, may be played at small private gatherings and/or copied to a CD played for this purpose. The copy must under no circumstances be used in public performances.

Dacapo Records does not permit the use of automatic systems or programmes to either select or download music from our webshop.

Breach of these conditions or copyright law may lead to liability for damages and possible criminal liability.

Music files are downloaded to your computer immediately after the order is placed and upon completion of payment.

No right of return
Purchased music files are delivered immediately and therefore there is no right of return of return on this type of purchase.

The method of payment for purchasing music files is the debit card. The amount of purchase is billed to your card as soon as the order is received. For purchases of CDs or DVDs, the amount is billed when the item is dispatched. Please note that there may be bank fees associated with this method of payment.

You must provide a valid e-mail address when you place your order as the receipt for your purchase is mailed to this e-mail address.

Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice and Dacapo cannot guarantee that the products shown will be available at the time of ordering. Dacapo is not responsible for printing errors, currency rate fluctuation, changes to VAT or other such fees. Dacapo Records is not responsible for technical breakdown and/or lack of access to the webshop, electrical or telecommunication breakdown, vandalism (including computer viruses and hacking), misuse of personal data or other conditions and circumstances beyond our control.

Personal information
When you make a purchase on our website you will be asked to provide some personal information. It is important that the information you provide in connection with your purchase is both correct and accurate. Personal information provided in this way is treated in accordance with Danish legislation.

We use personal information gathered from our customers only for relevant purposes in connection with the purchase of music files, including newsletter distribution. We keep only the information necessary for completing your purchase - including e-mail address, product data, etc. All customer information and information on individual purchases are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

We are committed to preventing any form of abuse of this information while continuing to provide the best possible service to our customers.

If you have any questions or comments about our use of personal information you are very welcome to contact us.

Technical requirements - support/help

We accept no responsibility for ensuring that the website can be accessed from individual PCs.

FORMATS: Mp3 files can be played on all media players installed on your computer. As for FLAC files players require specific software, all of which can be downloaded on the Internet.

If you have any problems using our music store, or any questions, you are welcome to contact us on +45 32 96 06 02 or via email at

All changes to conditions, prices, etc. will be displayed under conditions on

If a product downloaded from our webshop is found to be defective, you are entitled to place a claim for reimbursement/replacement of the defective item. The claim must be made within a reasonable period of time after discovery of the defect.

Governing law, jurisdiction and mediation
The use of this website is subject to Danish law and any disputes arising out of or regarding this site that cannot be solved by mediation are subject to Danish law and the jurisdictions of the Danish court in Copenhagen.