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FIGURA Ensemble

Niels Hougaard

FIGURA Ensemble have spent a quarter of a century in a continuous and dedicated process of develop­ment, exploring music and the opportunities it provides to enrich or change the lives of audiences of all ages. The members understand that artistic practice exists in the inter­action between the inspiration you take on board and the experience you pass on. The many initiatives of the ensemble transcend genres and art forms and reflect a high level of ambition. FIGURA Ensemble is a well-established institution on the Danish music scene, and yet it has managed to maintain its open-mindedness, vitality and extremely high quality over many, many years. In 2017, FIGURA Ensemble was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize and received among others the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s P2 Award – ‘Innovation of the Year’ in 2018 for the GrowOP! ­Festival, the first children’s opera festival in Denmark.

  • Jakob Davidsen


  • Nicolai Worsaae

    Wesenheit ab Wesenheit

  • Peter Bruun

    Miki Alone - Seven songs for a mad woman

  • John Frandsen, Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen, Peter Bruun, Karsten Fundal, Jens Hørsving, Ivar Frounberg

    ... to arrive where we started ...