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Morten Riis


Morten Riis (b. 1980) holds a masters degree in electronic music composition from The Royal Academy of Music, and is currently on a joint PhD scholarship between Information and Media Studies at The University of Aarhus, and The Royal Academy.

Besides his academic work he is a very active sound artist having received numerous grants and commissions, released several albums, played numerous concerts and exhibited sound installations in Denmark, England, France, Germany and China.

Common for all of Morten Riis's artistic endeavours is a fascination of working on the limits of what is technological possible when finding new sound material. Pushing computers to their limits to obtain an aesthetic that emphasizes the imperfections of modern technology.

In his recent work Riis tries to implement the notion of programmability, control and execution - the fundamentals of electronic and computer music, into a physical mechanical context in an attempt to search for the elementary elements of digital control.