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The Children’s Treasury of Song

Gunnar Nyborg-Jensen
Henning Hansen
Benny E. Andersen
Jan Rørdam
Poul Schierbeck
Thorbjørn Egner
Carl Nielsen
Knud Vad Thomsen
Mogens Jermiin Nissen
Vagn Skovlund

The Children’s Treasury of Song

DR SpireKoret, DR BørneKoret, DR JuniorKoret, Clara Smedegaard, Susanne Wendt

The Danish song is not only sung by a young, blonde girl, as lyricist Kai Hoffman and composer Carl Nielsen’s suggests in 'Den danske sang er en ung blond pige' / 'The Danish song is a young blonde girl'. It is also sung by children and adults, young and old, tall and low. This new collection includes 15 of the most beloved Danish children's songs. The songs are sung by the three choirs in the Danish National Choir School: DR SpireKoret, DR BørneKoret and DR JuniorKoret and accompanied by some of Denmark's best musicians. The songs get new life – both when you listen and when you sing yourself.

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DR BørneKoret © Kim Matthai Leland
The young singers fire one good number off after another, and it is especially impressive how they manage the challenge of singing polyphonic, so song becomes art
Lars Geerdes, Flensborg Avis
They sing beautifully clean and sweet and committed
John Christiansen, JC Klassisk
It must have been a task to choose from piles of children's songs, but it is clear that the choices match the different abilities of the three choirs
Mikael Krarup, Fyens
„Echte“ Musik von Kindern für lebende Kinder in neuen, jazz-inspirierten Arrangements
Hanns-Peter Mederer, Amusio
The little ones are singing – but the big ones do it too

The Children’s Treasury of Song is a collection of well-known Danish children’s songs in new arrangements to suit children’s voices. So the idea is also for families at home to join in. In the accompanying CD booklet you will find all the song lyrics (in Danish), which are illustrated with colourful drawings. The music is issued on a CD and is also accessible on all streaming services. On YouTube, the songs will be available with music videos, to invite you to sing along too.

The new choral arrangements of the songs have been written by, among others, the conductor of DR Korskolen, Susanne Wendt, and the conductor of the Danish National Girls' Choir, Phillip Faber.

From Carl Nielsen to Alberte

DR Korskolen has existed since 2001 and consists of just over 220 children and young people from 6 to 16 years of age. Over the last year, they have recorded 15 of their favourites from the Danish treasury of children’s songs, and the new album contains everything from Carl Nielsen’s A lark’s nest I’ve discoveredJens Roadman and Look, the sun’s so red, mom to Alberte’s hit Choo-Bang, little Chocolate Man and Nanna’s Buster.

The choirs are accompanied by a quartet comprising Martin Seier, piano, Anders Banke, saxophone and clarinet, Thommy Andersson, bass and Jakob Weber, drums and percussion – as well as musicians from the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

The three choirs in the DR Korskolen perform in both radio and television, at concerts and on CD recordings - often together with DR's other ensembles. Every season, the choirs can be experienced in a number of TV productions from the DR Koncerthuset, eg DR's Store Juleshow and Danmark synger julen ind as well as at concerts throughout the country.

In addition to forming a framework for three rejuvenating choirs, the DR Korskolen is at the same time a pedagogical powerhouse in Danish music life. The choir's two conductors, Susanne Wendt and Clara Smedegaard, are often used as inspirers and teachers and conductors at courses, workshops and events in the DR Koncerthuset and around Denmark.

DR SpireKoret | DR BørneKoret | DR JuniorKoret

Susanne Wendt – DR BørneKoret og DR JuniorKoret
Clara Smedegaard – DR SpireKoret

Martin Seier – klaver, Anders Banke – saxofon og klarinet
Thommy Andersson – bas, Jakob Weber – trommer og percussion

Also, on Se min kjole, Hør den lille stær, Jeg ved en lærkerede, Lille sky gik morgentur, Look, the sun’s so red, mom appears:
Monika Malmquist Egholm – violin, Patricia Mia Andersen – violin, Katrine Reinhold Bundgaard – viola, Henrik Dam Thomsen – cello & Mette Termansen – oboe

Release date: 
April 2019
Cat. No.: 
Track count: 


Indspillet i DR Koncerthuset, efterår og vinter 2018 

Producer, redigering, mix og mastering: Preben Iwan
Teknik: Mikkel Nymand og Lars Bruun
Produktionsleder: Astrid Vadgaard Christensen
Kunstnerisk leder for DR PigeKoret & DR Korskolen: Anne Karine Prip

℗ & © 2019 Dacapo Records, Copenhagen
Illustrationer og design: Denise Burt

Udgivelsen er muliggjort med støtte fra Augustinus Fonden