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Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm

Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm was born in 1947. He was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and in 1990 he had his official debut in Copenhagen with the piece The Mountains of Monestiés.

Since then, Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm has received numerous commissions and his works have been performed by leading Danish orchestras, ensembles and soloists. He has received working bursaries and travel grants from the State Foundation for the Arts every year since 1990 as well as Hans Peter Nielsen’s Grant 1991, The Danish Composers’ Society’s Grant 2001 and Wilhelm Hansen Foundation’s Grant 2003. He was Composer of the Year 2003 at the Bornholms Music Festival and Composer’s Portrait of the Year 2004 in Birkeroed, north of Copenhagen.

Nordstrøm´s works comprise primarily instrumental music: pieces for orchestra, sinfonietta, ensembles and soloists. There are also some vocal pieces. The music often takes its inspiration impressions from nature, both at a local and a cosmic level, and – in a growing degree - from the literary world. Nordstrøm´s music has often been described as being markedly Nordic in its tonal quality and the music in some ways does owe much to Nordic music and Nordic nature. But the music is developing and the sources of inspiration are much broader and more comprehensive which can be observed by viewing the increasing number of works inspired from literature.

Until now some 30 works by Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm have been published on CD.