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Danish Institute for Electronic Music

DIEM is Denmark's National Center of Electronic Music under the auspices of the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. DIEM is dedicated to artistic production, teaching, research and performance in the area of electronic music in Denmark.

In August 2007 The Royal Academy of Music moved into new facilities built adjacent to the existing Concert Hall in Aarhus. The new building is shared by the Royal Academy, The Aarhus Symphony and The National Opera. The Concert Hall complex contains seven specialized performance spaces including a full-scale opera stage, a symphonic hall, a rock venue, a chamber music hall, a foyer stage, a music café and a children’s theater. The facilities also include 3 electronic music studios and 2 other professional recording studios.

Today DIEM is a lively dynamo of electronic music, a place where students and professional artists meet to compose, perform and exchange ideas.


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