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David Hildebrandt


David Hildebrandt, percussion is born in 1976 and also educated from The Royal Academy of Music, Copenhagen. He is very active at Danish as well as foreign music scenes, and he has toured with various orchestras in Europe, The UN and Asia. In 2002 he won 1st prize in The Royal Danish Academy of Music’s soloist competition, and received William Christiansen’s Scholarship. He has furthermore been given Gladsaxe Music prize 2004.

  • Johann Sebastian Bach, Peter Navarro-Alonso

    Goldberg Variations

  • Peter Navarro-Alonso

    Le Quattro Stagioni

  • Ejnar Kanding, Frank Bretschneider

    Auxiliary Blue

  • Ib Nørholm, Bent Lorentzen, Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen, Eblis Álvarez, Søren Nils Eichberg