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  • Carl Nielsen

    The Masterworks Vol. 2 — Chamber and Instrumental Works

  • Per Nørgård

    Will-o’-the-Wisps in Town; Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking

  • Rued Langgaard

    String Quartets Vol. 1

  • Kasper Rofelt

    The song I'll never sing - Works for Accordion

  • Per Nørgård, Ole Schmidt, Anders Koppel, Martin Lohse

    Accordion Concertos

  • Finn Høffding

    Orchestral Works

  • Bent Sørensen, Johannes Ockeghem


  • Ib Nørholm

    Tavole per Orfeo

  • Wayne Siegel


  • Gunnar Berg

    Chamber Music Works with Piano

  • Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen

    Dance and Detours

  • C.F.E. Horneman

    Orchestral Works

  • Heinrich Schütz

    The Complete Narrative Works

  • Jack Body, Anne Boyd, Liu Sola, Lou Harrison, Ross Edwards

    A Bridge of Dreams

  • Knudåge Riisager

    The Symphonic Edition Vol. 1

  • Niels Marthinsen

    Snapshot Symphony

  • Carl Nielsen

    The Masterworks Vol. 1 – Orchestral Music

  • Vagn Holmboe

    Chamber Music (I)

  • W.A. Mozart

    Symphonies Vol. 3

  • Anders Koppel


  • Anders Koppel, Andy Pape, Karl Aage Rasmussen

    Clatter & Venom – Classical music stories for children

  • Anders Koppel

    String Quartets and Mezzo Saxophone Quintet

  • Poul Ruders, Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Søren Nils Eichberg

    Distant Still - Trios for violin, horn and piano

  • Herman D. Koppel, Benjamin Koppel

    Works for cello and piano

  • Peter Bruun

    Letters to the Ocean

  • Svend Erik Tarp

    Piano Works

  • Sunleif Rasmussen

    Dancing Raindrops

  • Rued Langgaard

    Piano Works Vol. 2

  • Heinrich Schütz


  • Juliana Hodkinson, Niels Rønsholdt

    Fish & Fowl

  • Simon Steen-Andersen

    Pretty Sound - Solo and chamber works

  • Vagn Holmboe, Peter Bruun, Per Nørgård, Bo Holten, Herman D. Koppel, Jørgen Jersild, Poul Ruders

    Hymn to the Sun - Works for a cappella choir