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Future releases

August 2020

Dietrich Buxtehude, Nicolaus Bruhns, Kaspar Förster
SACD/6.220651 – Ich bin die Auferstehung – Buxtehude and His Copenhagen Connections
Jakob Bloch Jespersen, Concerto Copenhagen, Lars Ulrik Mortensen
The music from the Baltic region in the latter half of the 17th century is characterized by fearless innovation and bubbling creativity. Here, a glimpse into the sacred solo-cantata and chamber music of this period is presented by bass-baritone Jakob Bloch Jespersen and Concerto Copenhagen under the direction of Lars Ulrik Mortensen.
Karl Aage Rasmussen
/8.226221 – Alone & Together
Concerto Copenhagen, Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen, Magnus Fryklund
Unlike many of his radical new music colleagues, Karl Aage Rasmussen (b. 1947) always had a great affection for older music, especially that of the Italian Baroque era. In this new programme of solo concertos by Rasmussen, he extends his musical explorations of the solo concerto focusing on the relationship between the individual and the community – an archetypal disparity that for centuries has lent the genre a special fascination for composers and audiences alike.

September 2020

Bára Gísladóttir
Digital only/8.226621 – HĪBER
Bára Gísladóttir
With HĪBER, her debut release for Dacapo, the 30-year-old Icelandic composer and double bassist Bára Gísladóttir has created an album that is coloured by a distinct dark atmosphere, emphasizing a menacing and distorted bass scenery as presented by herself in an intimate solo setting. In HĪBER, a unified and uncompromising soundscape unfolds - one where sounds of different origin join textures and techniques and merge into a single aural organism that falls outside any usual category or label. The title, HĪBER, is a reference to hibernation and winter.
Artwork in progress
Anders Koppel
/8.226223 – Still Life
Anders Koppel, Henrik Dam Thomsen
Music created by veteran Danish composer and Hammond organ player Anders Koppel has been the mainstay of several successful Dacapo releases over the past years. Now, Still Life joins them as a documentation of a new endeavour of his, a vibrant music-making in duo with Danish master cellist Henrik Dam Thomsen, whose far-reaching musical creativity proves a fine match for Koppel’s own. Still Life is a meeting of kindred spirits – yielding 15 impressions of life as captured in a dimly lit night.
Artwork in progress
Rued Langgaard
CD/8.226132 – Complete Works for Violin and Piano Vol. 3
Gunvor Sihm, Berit Johansen Tange
The last stage on a long journey, here is the third and final instalment of a warmly received Langgaard cycle undertaken by violinist Gunvor Sihm and pianist Berit Johansen Tange. The present volume includes the violin sonatas nos. 2 and 3 – highly accomplished works with strong individual features – and two single-movement pieces composed by Langgaard the precocious teenager: the charming Aubade written on a summer holiday with his parents, and the dark-coloured Night Watchman’s Song.

October 2020

Artwork in progress
Bo Holten
SACD/6.220701 – The Emperor's New Clothes
Palle Knudsen, Gert Henning-Jensen, Christine Nonbo Andersen, Morten Østergaard, Max Artved, Musica Ficta, Odense Symphony Orchestra, Bo Holten
Artwork in progress
August Enna
/6.220708-09 – Cleopatra
Elsebeth Dreisig, Magnus Vigilius, Lars Møller, Ruslana Koval, Kirsten Grønfeldt, Jens Bové, Joachim Gustafsson, Odense Symphony Orchestra, The Danish National Opera Chorus
Treason, desire and murder - served on a silver platter of glorious Romantic music from 1894 in this world premiere recording of a stirring opera about the murderous plot against Kleopatra, fabled Queen of the Nile. Beautiful melodies, alluring harmonies and tense leitmotifs, all expertly put to use by probably the most celebrated Danish opera composer of his time, August Enna.