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Future releases

October 2021

Ib Glindemann
SACD/6.220665 – Concertos
Per Morten Bye, Robert Holmsted, Odense Symphony Orchestra, Giordano Bellincampi
Ib Glindemann was without doubt one of the most important figures in Denmark's ­big-band and jazz world from the 1950s onward. But the renowned Danish jazz orchestra leader and composer also cultivated a less well known classical side. This release is the first to feature a fully classical Glindemann programme: two brilliant instrumental concertos and an impressive medley of his film music celebrating his distinctive flair for writing happy, undemanding, festive and effective music.

November 2021

Niels Rønsholdt
CD/8.226712 – Archive of Emotions and Experiences, Book 1
Lenio Liatsou
With Archive of Emotions and Experiences, Book 1, composer Niels Rønsholdt makes a decisive and gripping contribution to the solo piano repertoire. In an imagined future without birds, the pianist opens an archive of human emotions and experiences and tells of singing creatures that once flew through the air. Rønsholdt's Archive is a fascinating solo album that offers great insight into his unique musical thinking.
Niels Rønsholdt
CD/8.226713 – Country
Jakob Kullberg, Annekei, Szymon Bywalec, Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej
With Country, composer Niels Rønsholdt widens the scope of his music, reimaging the country genre as a concerto for singing solo cellist and chamber orchestra. Country shows off the fine voice of soloist Jakob Kullberg and his extraordinary ability to play the cello ‘alla chitarra’, like a guitar. Here Rønsholdt finds expressive connections among farflung sources, creating music which reflects and refracts its inspirations in the rich American country tradition and a sort of Nordic pastoral yearning for love, with a critique of nationalism.

January 2022

Århus Sinfonietta, SVIN