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    Erik Jørgensen is one of the pioneers of Danish Modernism. After studying Schoenberg's music in the 1950s he became one of the first twelve-tone composers in Denmark. His approach to serialism is however undogmatic. Characteristics of his music are the organic form of the works and the combination of the abstract musical material and an image-evoking quality. A masterpiece of Danish orcehstral music of the 1960s, Confrontations, is combined on this CD with a number of older and more recent compositions.

    Erik Jørgensen
    Confrontations for orchestra (1967/68)
    1 Confrontations for orchestra (1967/68) 17:28
    Erik Jørgensen
    Variazioni per pianoforte (1966)
    2 Variazioni per pianoforte (1966) 11:05
    Erik Jørgensen
    Improvisations for Wind Quintet (1971)
    3 Improvisations for Wind Quintet (1971) 15:13
    Erik Jørgensen
    Piece for String Quartet (1964/65)
    4 Piece for String Quartet (1964/65) 8:03
    Erik Jørgensen
    Introduction and Presto for Saxophone Quartet (1995)
    5 Introduction and Presto for Saxophone Quartet (1995) 7:42
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