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The music from the installation 'The Wave' released as digital single

'The Wave' with sound by Louise Alenius © Henrik Larsen

The music from the installation 'The Wave' released as digital single

Get a foretaste of Louise Alenius’ coming opera with the choral work ILT (Oxygen) – the sound side of the current installation The Wave – which is released as a download and accessible as streaming from today.

New release
21 February 2020

At the moment, the sound & light installation The Wave can be experienced on Ofelia Plads square near The Royal Danish Playhouse (Skuespilhuset) in Copenhagen, where it lights up the winter darkness with its characteristic triangular portals of light. The 80-metre-long sculpture invites the public to go on a journey through the human windpipe. It is the artist group Vertigo that has created the light side of the sculpture, while the Danish composer Louise Alenius has created the sound side, ILT (Oxygen).

Organs that cry out for oxygen

Louise Alenius’ five-part choral work ILT  offers a foretaste of her coming opera (not yet given its final title), which is to have its premiere at Royal Danish Opera in spring 2022.

The work gives a convincing illusion of a lifelike gigantic windpipe and the body’s wish for oxygen when played via the loudspeakers inside the installation The Wave’s total of 40 light portals. If one moves from one end of the work to the other, one experiences five of the classic voice categories of the opera (soprano, contralto, countertenor, tenor and bass) which take over from each other. These groups represent the organs crying out for oxygen.

The music has been recorded by five star singers from The Royal Danish Opera: Sofie Elkjær, Elisabeth Jansson, Morten Grove Frandsen, Jacob Skov Andersen and Frederik Päevatalu Rolin.

Now ILT is released by Dacapo as a digital singe that can bought as a download and streamed on various streaming services.

A journey through the human windpipe

In its interpretation of the light side, Vertigo has taken the theme of the music as its point of departure and gained inspiration from the inner organs of the body, the movement of the blood and the rhythmic pulsing of the body. This is converted into a light sequence which collects together from various angles into a whole where, among other things, one can just make out the pumping of the human heart. The premise of the work, then, is that one experiences sections of the auditive and visual content of the work when one enters the portals; only at a distance – and now also on streaming services – can one hear the voices together.

The installation The Wave can be experienced on Ofelia Plads until 31 March.

  • Louise Alenius

    ILT (Oxygen)

New single format from Dacapo

With this release, Dacapo is continuing its work on trying out new release formats.

Within classical and new music, purely digital releases are still not widespread. This Dacapo is now challenging by also working purely digitally and in the single format, so as to get the opportunity to release works that, for example, do not fit the CD format and also to assist composers and musicians who wish to be able to work on material targeted on digital presence.

Louise Alenius’ work ILT can be heard on several streaming services from today onwards. Find it here.