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Hippo, frog and seal: Video interviews with the composers of 'Animal Universe'

Hippo, frog and seal: Video interviews with the composers of 'Animal Universe'

Watch the new series of interview videos with Danish composers about the piano etudes on the album Animal Universe

New release
06 September 2021

In April, the album Animal Universe was released, recorded by one of Denmark's leading musicians, pianist Christina Bjørkøe. The album presents 12 newly written piano etudes using animals as a common theme, written by 12 Danish composers. The etude collection is commisioned and recorded by Bjørkøe herself.

The etudes are intended for pianists on different levels, each one being conceived in three movements: a concert etude, a light etude for intermediate students and a very simple etude for beginners. The sheet music Animal Universe is released by Edition Wilhelm Hansen.

Interviews with the composers

In a series of interview videos, the composers behind Animal Universe talks about their works, addressing both listeners and pianists who want to play the etudes themselves.

Find the answers to why Anders Koppel is fascinated by the badger, why the pianist should only use her/his thumbs in Mogens Christensen's etude and why the frog has a very special meaning to Peter Bruun.

Watch the videos on Dacapo Records' YouTube channel here.

12 etudes, 12 composers, 12 animals

Animal Universe features works by Anders Koppel, Eva Noer Kondrup, Amir Mayhar Tafreshipour, Birgitte Alsted Anders Nordentoft, John Frandsen, Peter Bruun, Anders Brødsgaard, Ande Pape, Karsten Fundal, Mogens Christensen and Erik Ørum von Spreckelsen. 

Stream the album here.

  • Anders Koppel, Anders Nordentoft, John Frandsen, Peter Bruun, Eva Noer Kondrup, Anders Brødsgaard, Birgitte Alsted, Andy Pape, Karsten Fundal, Amir Mayhar Tafreshipour, Mogens Christensen, Erik Ørum von Spreckelsen

    Animal Universe