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Composer Ole Buck turns 75

Ole Buck © Lars Skaaning

Composer Ole Buck turns 75

The Danish composer Ole Buck is one of the best kept secrets in Danish contemporary music, esteemed by all who have heard his music. On Saturday 1 February Buck turns 75, and on that occasion Dacapo is offering a 25% discount on all releases with his music.

29 January 2020

In his youth, the Danish composer Ole Buck (b. 1945) studied with Per Nørgård and Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen. Buck came into focus early with his work. His music for Flemming Flindt's ballet Felix Luna at the Royal Danish Theatre in 1973 has more or less achieved the status of a succès de scandale, and his Summer Trio from 1968 questioned the whole modernist project with its simple repeated figures and small scale runs. 

The New Simplicity

Ole Buck and Hans Abrahamsen were the leading representatives of the style that in Denmark was named the New Simplicity, and they both master the same perfectionist style and subtelty. Buck's music is simple and beauty-seeking, sophisticated and suprising on its own terms. His compositions are centered around repetitions and a small number of tones. In some works he will make do with as few as five notes, but the composer’s incomparable sense of timing ensures that the listener never feels the need for more. 

Discount on music from Ole Buck

In Dacapo's catalogue you'll find several recordings with Ole Buck's music, for example the critically acclaimed Sinfonietta Works recorded by Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen, and Landscapes, presenting beautiful orchestral and chamber music works. Buck's compositions can also be found on Woodworks, in the company of six other contemporary Danish works written for the recorder ensemble Wood'N'Flutes, and on the album Recycled with recompositions of classical highlights from ten of Denmark's most prominent composers. 

This weekend Dacapo is offering a 25% discount on all four releases with music from Ole Buck. The discount is valid through Monday 3 February 2020.

This weekend Dacapo is offering a 25% discount on all four releases with music from Ole Buck
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  • Ole Buck


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