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Allan Gravgaard Madsen receives award from the Danish Arts Foundation for his ‘Nachtmusik’

Allan Gravgaard Madsen © Agnete Schlichtkrull

Allan Gravgaard Madsen receives award from the Danish Arts Foundation for his ‘Nachtmusik’

The Scholarship Committee of the Danish Arts Foundation has decided to give an award to Allan Gravgaard Madsen’s double concerto Nachtmusik. The work is to be released on Dacapo on 13 December, recorded by Danish National Symphony Orchestra, with Per Salo and Christina Åstrand as soloists.

27 November 2019

The composer Allan Gravgaard Madsen (b. 1984) is one of Denmark’s freshest new voices, something which the Scholarship Committee of Danish Arts Foundation has chosen to mark by giving an award to Madsen’s double concerto Nachtmusik. In justifying its decision, the committee writes, among other things: “Allan Gravgaard Madsen has created a profoundly fascinating work which displays a compositional control and an unrestrained beauty of sound that can only give rise to an enthusiastic response.”

Allan Gravgaard Madsen’s music is concentrated, subdued and poetical and is at times haunted by ghosts from the Romantic period. His works feed on the musical tension between stasis and energy. It is sensual music which extracts the optimum out of its own physical demands and the space around it.

New release with two concertos

Nachtmusik has been written for and dedicated to the concertmaster of Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Christina Åstrand, and to the orchestra’s pianist Per Salo. It has as its point of departure a microscopic examination of a single note, out of which it blossoms when the composer investigates timbres of this individual note in a highly imaginative way.

On Friday 13 December, Nachtmusik will be appearing on a new release that not only features Madsen’s double concerto but also Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen’s concerto For Violin and Orchestra.

  • Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Allan Gravgaard Madsen

    Nachtmusik · For Violin and Orchestra